My Unique Pet Art

We are able to create a portrait of any animal, be it your pet hedgehog, the neighbor’s dachshund or the alligator that’s been hanging out in the pool. Our talented artists work to turn any animal into a unique one-of-kind masterpiece!

Absolutely! We will send you an email when your artwork is ready to review, and we will hold back shipping until you are completely satisfied with the piece.

Yes, you can. We have several different styles for 1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets and even 4 pets together in a single portrait. Have more than 4 pets? Please contact us and we’ll quote you on a custom artwork to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not create portraits of humans, just pets. Sorry about that!

We have a talented team of digital artists who work to carefully edit your pet photo and position it within the beautiful costumes that we have created. We do not paint each portrait from scratch.

Pease get in touch with us as quickly as possible if you would like to make a change to your order. For orders received more than 24 hours ago, we can’t guarantee that we can accept changes as our artists will already have started on the artwork.

Yes, absolutely. If you prefer to have the portrait designed without your pet's name, please write "NO NAME" in the name box.

To achieve the best results, it is important that you provide us with a high-quality photo of your pet. Please make sure that your photo complies with the requirements outlined below.

Select a photo of your pet that was taken in daylight or in a brightly lit room

Ensure that the whole face and neck is visible and not in shadow

Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet

Your pet does not need to be looking directly into the camera

Select a photo where the pet fills the camera frame so we can see its unique features and detail

Make sure that the photo is not blurry

Pease avoid overly filtered photos to ensure that we can correctly capture your pet’s coloring

Please check that the coloring of the fur in the photo is accurate to real life. If the coloring in the photo is not accurate, then the fur in the design won't be either

Pease make sure that the entire pet is in the frame. For example, we can’t add in ears if they are not in the original photo

Our artists will check all photos as orders are placed and we will email you if there are any issues to request another photo.

Please note that if you refuse to provide a new photo after we have informed you that the original photo may not result in the best quality artwork, then we cannot refund you. It's your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide.

For more information, please refer to our pet portrait image guidelines page.

Yes, you certainly can. If the photo is black and white then we will change the costume that you have selected to be black and white as well. This is done to match your pet photo. We are not able to add colour to black and white images.

Please check your proof carefully and be aware that we are not able to provide a refund when you receive a black and white portrait.

Generally, this shouldn’t make a difference to the final artwork so no need to worry about it. If there are any issues with the photo, then we’ll reach out to you and request a new one.

We offer four different poster frame sizes. All frames have a standard depth of 0.75" (2cm) thickness and come with a mounting kit, so they are ready to be hung.

Frame molding size varies from 1"-1.5" depending on your portrait size. Our framed poster sizes are:
8” x 12” (21 x 30 cm)
12” x 18” (30 x 45 cm)
18” x 24” (45 x 60 cm)

The frames come pre-packed with corners and film and then packed in a box with strong edges to protect the frames. I-beams are used in addition, to give the package additional sturdiness and for multi-item orders (max 3 frames in one package).

We offer four different canvas frame sizes. All frames have a gallery standard depth of 1.25” (2.5cm) thickness and come with a mounting kit so they are ready to be hung.

Our canvas frame sizes are:
8” x 10” (20 x 25 cm)
12” x 16” (30 x 40 cm)
16” x 20” (40 x 50 cm)
20” x 24” (50 x 60 cm)

Unfortunately, we are not able to make major changes to our costumes and cannot add things like accessories or change the background colour. Our artists can attempt to make minor adjustments such as remove drool; however, we cannot make significant edits such as changing the shape of the ears or opening a closed mouth.

If your pet is wearing an accessory, such as a collar, in the original photo then we will always try to include it. If you are selecting a portrait that shows some neck, then we recommend sending us a photo of your pet without a collar on.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the background colour at this time. Tip. If you have a very dark pet then it may not show up well against a black or dark grey background. In this case we would recommend selecting a different costume.

Yes, in about 95% of cases the image will wrap around the side of the canvas creating a seamless final product.

In some rare cases our artists may choose to apply a black wrap. This is where the image is printed on the front of the canvas and then a sold black colour is used on the sides of the canvas. This will also provide a beautiful looking canvas and is done in cases where the dimensions of the pet are quite different to normal. For example, dogs with long pointy ears are usually printed this way to ensure that their ears don’t get wrapped around the edge of the canvas.


Your artwork is generally ready to be sent 2-3 days after you have placed your order. We will then endeavor to print and ship your order within 2-3 days of you approving your artwork.

USA, Australia & New Zealand: Orders usually arrive within 5-7 business days of being shipped. You may experience longer shipping times during peak holiday seasons, up to 3 weeks.

UK / Ireland, Canada & Europe: Orders usually arrive within 5-9 business days of being shipped. You may experience longer shipping times during peak holiday seasons, up to 3 weeks.

Rest of the world: Orders usually arrive within 5-10 business days of being shipped. You may experience longer shipping times during peak holiday seasons, up to 3 weeks.

Shipping prices are a flat fee per order:

USA: $9.95
Australia, New Zealand, UK: $9.95
UK, Ireland & Europe: $9.95
Canada: $14.95
Rest of world: $17.95

Please allow a longer delivery time during seasonal shopping periods.

Yes, absolutely. You will be sent your tracking number via email so you can track its progress all the way.

It sometimes takes up to 24 hours for the shipping provider to activate the tracking link. If it has been longer than 24 hours, then please contact our support team and we’ll find out where your order is at.

We attempt to send all items together as a single order. If, however, part of your order is completed ahead of time then it may be shipped out first and then the other items will be sent later.

Thank you for considering leaving us a review. Feedback is extremely important to us and we are always trying to improve our processes and offering. After you have made a purchase, we will send you an email with a link where you can leave a review. Please check your junk folder if you haven’t received the email or feel free to reach out to us via to Contact Us page for more support.

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer gift wrapping at this time. Sorry about that!

No, unfortunately we are only able to offer standard shipping during the Christmas period. We do however work extra hard to make sure that all orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

We offer a high quality digital file of your completed artwork as an add-on to any physical product. You will receive your file digitally once your order has shipped.

Please note that currently do not offer Digital Downloads as a standalone product.

This is our express option. Selecting this will fast-track your order to the front of the queue and our artists will work to create your artwork as quickly as possible.

This is a fantastic option during busier shopping periods. Please note that it does not change the shipping speed or transit time.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the custom nature of our pet portraits, we are unable to offer returns or refunds. Remember, before printing you will be able to view your artwork and we provide unlimited revisions so you can be sure that you will be 100% happy with your painting.

If you are unhappy with your order, then please reach out to us and we will make it right!

Yes, that’s right! We will work with you to revise the work until you are completely satisfied. The unlimited revisions refer to the photo and costume that you originally ordered. We offer the option to change the photo OR the costume only once per order. If you would like to change the photo or costume a third time, then we may send you an invoice of $10 to cover the creation of the new artwork.

Please contact our support team as quickly as possible. Our artists usually begin working on a painting within 12 hours, so it is usually not possible to cancel an order after this time.

We take great care in making sure that all items are properly packaged however, in rare cases they may get damaged in transit. If you received a damaged item, please reach out to our support team and we will make it right. Please include a photo of the damaged item so that we can get a replacement sorted as quickly as possible.

That’s not a problem. Please reach out to our customer service team as soon as possible so that we can find a solution for you.

Customer Support

We are currently only able to offer customer support via email. Please send your enquiry to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Please email our support staff at A friendly member of staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Sometimes different parts of your order will be sent at different times so you may receive one item before the other. For example, if you have ordered both a canvas and a mug then you might receive the mug first. Rest assured we are working on your order and the other items will likely arrive very shortly. If you have any concerns, then please contact our customer support team.

We try to reply within a couple of hours. We ask for patience during busy periods (such as Christmas and Father’s Day) when it might take us 24-48 hours to reply.